July 2nd, 2018

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3 Reasons Why AmoLatina is Not a Scam

Safety in online dating is now more important than ever. With its growing popularity, the number of online dating scams has gone up, and sites are

scrambling to give a boost to their security methods.

AmoLatina is among the responsible dating sites trying to ensure their members get to enjoy a safe and secure experience. Here is where they have focused their energy:

1. The Anti-Scam Policy

The first thing every online dater should pay attention to is if their chosen site has an anti-scam policy. It sets the tone for the entire time you use the services.

AmoLatina has put together a strict anti-fraud system, outlining tips on how to stay safe as well as stating which measures to take to detect scammers, where to turn if a member suspects a scam has taken place, or how reimbursement of credits will be worked out. Quick note: members who have fallen victim to a scam can request reimbursement.

2. The Safety Team

AmoLatina has put together a special team that works around the clock and focuses on dealing with any and all security matters. These are the folks to be contacted when suspicious activity is detected by someone on their staff or by a member.

The team looks after the safety of personal details you have shared with the site and makes sure this data stays safe. They also ban people who behave incorrectly - no suspicious activity or harassment is tolerated.

3. The Verification Processes

Background checks are a must in modern day online dating, and on AmoLatina, they are regularly conducted for new members signing up. Anyone that does not pass a background check does not get to be a part of the site. Those that do are free to use the services.

It’s All About Priorities

Any online dating site that wants to be taken seriously and have any success needs to prioritize their member base. So, by far the best indicator of a good site is whether or not they do their utmost to protect their members. AmoLatina.com clearly does.