Amolatina’s Features and Services Explained

AmoLatina, the premium online dating service, offers all the vital tools one needs for a wonderful online dating experience. Thousands of profiles rich with detailed information alongside various chatting, e-mailing and video features – all are readily available.

Following is a thorough overview of what the website has to offer:

Live Chat

This classic feature allows sending and receiving of messages in real time. If you find someone you want to connect with, you can begin by clicking the “Chat Now“ button on their profile. Those with an upgraded membership get ten free chats for three minutes. Once all the free credits are used up, the chat service costs one credit per minute.

Let’s Mingle

Let’s Mingle is a messaging system invented to accommodate those who prefer sending a message to a group of potential matches at once. To begin using the feature, select specific traits you are interested in: profession, a certain age or even hair color of your ideal mate. Next, create a short personalized message. Once you’ve set it up, all potential matches that fit your selected criteria will receive it.

This messaging feature requires upgrading from free membership to a premium membership. Those who upgrade can use Let´s Mingle free of charge once every 24-hours.

One-Way Video

One-Way Video is a simple feature. It allows one person to see the other’s video while chatting. To begin a video chat, go to a member’s profile and click on “Share My Video.“ One minute costs four credits.

Two-Way Video

Two-Way Video is almost identical to the previous feature with only one key difference. This one allows both members to chat and view each other through the webcam. This costs six credits per minute.

Offline Chat

The Offline Chat feature allows you to send messages even when the recipient is offline. It also displays the member’s status – whether they are online or offline.

Read/Send Email

To use this feature, use AmoLatina’s Search function and browse profiles until you find someone you could be interested in. While on the member’s profile click on “Send Email.“

AmoLatina has added a fun little twist to this otherwise basic service – members can customize the background of their email dashboard. You can find the selection beneath the “Send Email“ button.

Member Video on Profile

These videos are an excellent way to introduce yourself to potential matches. Members can view these on a person’s profile page. One viewing costs ten credits.

Sending/Viewing Photos or Videos

All premium members can send videos or photos while using Live Chat or through email. You can find the option in the chat box labeled “Photo/Video.“

Stickers, Smiles + Premium Smiles

These can also be sent through email or chat boxes by clicking on the “Smiles“ option. Standard smiles are free of charge, but premium ones cost a credit each.

The AmoLatina Latin Dating App

The AmoLatina Dating App makes online dating more accessible and much more convenient. The app contains features similar to the ones on the website. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes site. Tours

Historically, the AmoLatina Tours were an effective way for male members to meet potential partners from exotic Latin American countries. These days, however, the focus has shifted from romantic tours to bettering safety measures and services on the website.


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