5 Frequently Asked Questions People Ask About

1. How can I become a member?

Visit AmoLatina at

On the top right corner, you'll see a button titled 'Sign in with Email." Click on the button and then choose 'Create Your Account' from the bottom of the pop-up box. Then, enter your name or nickname, your email address, and your chosen password. 

That's it! You're now ready to start browsing profiles of thousands of Latin members. 

2. Is a marriage agency? is not a marriage agency; it is a communications platform that connects people with Latin American singles. The site is intended for men and women who are interested in international relationships, be it romantic relationships or just international friendships. 

3. How much do services on cost?

Members can purchase 20 credits for $9.99 and get free introductory messages, ten free emails, and ten free chats. You should sign up for a monthly subscription because credit packages for subscribers are substantially cheaper. 

To buy credits or set up a monthly subscription login to your account, click on 'Upgrade My Account' and fill in the requested details. The payment page offers information about all the different packages. You can also find more information on this page

4. I have not set up my profile yet, but I am getting lots and lots of messages from gorgeous women. Is AmoLatina a scam?

No, AmoLatina is not a scam. You are getting so many messages because other members are using a new and innovative feature called 'Let's Mingle.' The 'Let's Mingle' feature allows users to send one pre-set message to all members who fit the criteria they have set. 

For example, when a person first signs up, they have to choose whether they are a 'Woman looking for a man' or a 'Man looking for a woman.' Then, they need to select the age range of people they want to meet. All members whose details fit the set preferences will receive the same pre-set message automatically. 

5. I want to exchange contact information with someone I met on Why can't I do that?

AmoLatina has a strict policy in place, which restricts users from exchanging direct contact information through Live Chat or Video Chat for safety purposes. Although AmoLatina's dedicated customer team works hard to make the portal safe for all members, there is always a chance that someone might misrepresent themselves and try to take advantage of vulnerable individuals. For their safety, AmoLatina's team recommends members use the internal communication tools instead. 

That said, AmoLatina's team might allow the exchange of contact details if you can prove it is the next step in developing a real relationship. To do that, you need to fill out an official form, which you can download from the site. After you have printed the form and filled it out, scan it to your computer and send it back to AmoLatina's customer service team for review. 

The team will then contact the member whose contact details you want to obtain, ask whether they agree to share their information, and then give you permission to exchange the details through their Flowers & Presents service. 


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