AmoLatina (amolatina) wrote,

Love Strikes Home at AmoLatina

I want to thank Amolatina a thousand times over for bringing me the great love of my life, a man so pure of heart. Though we didn’t speak each other’s language 100%, this didn’t stop us from saying what was in our hearts to each other. I believe that when two people have chemistry and  eyes of love for each other, God helps to illuminate everything.
My Eddie is a great person, clean and exquisite, and that’s what I love about him. He came to Bucaramanga to meet my family and was very enamored with the kind people he met and how well he was treated. My family loved him. They shared with him meals in the typical cuisine of our city and we visited Chicamocha National Park which I’m so in love with.
After a few weeks he invited me to dinner and told me of his amorous intentions. We’ve been in love since. We are very serious about each other and I see a wonderful future together with him.
Thank you AmoLatina for helping introduce us!
Big hugs!
Carmen – Bucaramanga, Colombia
Eddie – Las Vegas, Nevada

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