AmoLatina (amolatina) wrote,

Little Hearts, Big Love

Dear Friends at AmoLatina,
I just wanted to let my little story heard for men and women who are looking for their little heart here on I can only say that it works!
I exchanged correspondence with my Prince Daniel for a few months ... we sent letters almost daily as friends and came to know each other more every day…our lives, work, family. We exchanged pictures and I felt he was a good person and had a very nice, clean feeling to him.
He visited me a week ago and at the same time I saw him my heart beat a million times a minute. And at that moment I knew he was the man who I had been waiting for such a long time.
We went to visit museums, restaurants, and other places here in Bogota. He loved the food in our city. We went to Monserrate, very close to the stars.
Most importantly we feel our hearts beating strong. That makes us happy because we now know that no matter the distance, true love exists.
We want you tell you in advance that we will be married next year in April.
Thanks Amolatina for bringing us together! I want to share with you some picture of me and my prince and my wonderful city, Bogota.
Erika - Bogota, Colombia
Daniel - Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
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