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Miss AmoLatina 2009 Takes Her Title
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Click to see Ana Maria's awarding video

A mountain of beauty pageant judges have just been treated to a pleasure filled digital journey. The opportunity to date a stunning Latina beauty contestant was in the offing as Miss AmoLatina 2009 Beauty Pageant finished with a flurry of intense voting. Featuring an A-list of the finest lady members on AmoLatina.com, the unique online competition gathered 30 of the finest Latin American specimens, hotter than Bird’s eye chilies, each with a delicious profile complete with striking photos and videos.

One of the biggest draws of the scintillating extravaganza was the chance for judges to contact and even date one or more of the sizzling contestants using AmoLatina’s dating tools…Live Chat, Phone Introduction and forthcoming Romance Tours to Lima, Peru and Medellin, Colombia.
More than 75,000 votes were cast by the thrilled desktop jury. In the end, diminutive 33-year-old stunner Ana Maria from Medellin, Colombia finally streaked past the finishing line uncontested with over 6,000 votes, earning a cash prize and worldwide publicity. First runner-up went to the heavenly Lourdes from Lima, Peru, while the vibrant Lorena from Palmira, Colombia was awarded second runner-up.
The win for Ana Maria is sure to provide her with plenty of potential dates for the coming year, as eager judges become enthusiastic suitors and potential matches.
To glam all the contestant’s profiles, photos and videos visit MissAmoLatina.com.

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