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Success Story
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Hello AmoLatina

My name is Michael P. and I am a member of AmoLatina. I live in the Chicago area. I attended the March 2014 socials in Medellin, Colombia.  These were my first socials with AmoLatina and it is at these socials where I met Delmira.

Delmira is a very beautiful single mother of 2 children. During the week of the AmoLatina socials I was able to spend time with Delmira and came to know her as an engaging, personable, interesting, and fun lady. During this time we did some sightseeing around Medellin as well as other activities both alone and with others with the AmoLatina Tour.

Since the AmoLatina tour I have returned to Medellin three times in April, May, and July to spend time with Delmira and get to know her better.  With each visit I have grown to appreciate the wonderful lady she is even more.

We are currently working on obtaining a tourist Visa for Delmira so she will be able to come and visit me in my country. Hopefully she will have a U.S. Visa before the weather becomes colder as the climate here in the Midwest is rather different than what she is accustomed to.

While the future cannot be known, I am hopeful that things will progress positively for Delmira and me.

I am very happy that I had met Delmira.  I want to thank AmoLatina for the socials I attended which facilitated my meeting her.

Best regards,
Michael P.

Hello AmoLatina

I want to share my story, my name is Delmira am user of the system for some time now, I met Michael in the first tour of this year AmoLatina, we get along once we met there was chemistry, spent together the following day to tour before leave, visited many places in the city.
I have visited three times more have spent time with my family and my children.
Michael is a wonderful, funny, kind, loving, romantic, thoughtful and always very aware of my man, has been a wonderful experience
Are now underway for my tourist visa and we go to the United States
I'm also in the process to learn English and I hope that in the future everything go much better for both.
I want to thank you for helping me to meet Michael and help throughout the process

With love