AmoLatina (amolatina) wrote,

Cali Conjugal

Dear AmoLatina,
My name is Viviana Castillo, I am registered in the agency since March, 2009. My  admirer Nick started to write me in June and from the first letter  I  loved his words about  the way I look, my profession, my family.  Nick always showed a lot of interest in knowing me better, we  had correspondence through the website  for 3 months, and I was always looking forward to getting his letter because I was sure that  he is a man of principle and a lot of moral values and the most important point was  that we both had the same wish to form a family. Eventually he confirmed that he was coming to Colombia on September, 6  and he would stay  only for 5 days because of his job. When he confirmed  our meeting   I was very happy. I  wanted  very much to meet him. I wanted him to make  sure that  I am an unselfish and honest woman with a nice family to share with and that I am the woman he wants  for a marry.  And indeed it was an enjoyable  meeting. I felt that  I could  trust him and during his  stay he proved to me that  he is a great person and I would like him to be my husband if God blesses us .
My family loved the way he is and they also think that he is a good man.
I have a 4 year old  daughter Melany. She is the apple of my eye and she is always  in the first place in our plans. He is ready  to be a father for my daughter and wants us to  have two more children and form  a happy family. For me he is the most special man and I am very grateful to the agency for having given us an opportunity to know each other. This is my love story! I  feel very pleased that everything worked out very well and I hope that we will get married  very soon. We are already engaged and you  are going to be the first in knowing about it.
Thank you very much!
Viviana - Cali, Colombia
Nickolai -  Discovery Bay, California
Cali Conjugal
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