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Revolución de Mayo, What's New? Buenos Aires!!

May 25th commemorates Revolución de Mayo, as well as Argentina's Independence day. The May Revolution took place in the city of Buenos Aires back in 1810, when present-day Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay were under Spanish rule. After a weeklong revolution (May 18 to 25) Argentina broke free and established a government of its own (though they did not officially declare their independence until July 9, 1816). Inspired by Argentina's example and their role in the Revolución de Mayo, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia all began their own quest for autonomy from Spain, eventually becoming independent countries as well.
Argentina and Buenos Aires have come a long way since then. You can still visit the Plaza de Mayo where the Pirámide de Mayo, the oldest national monument in the city of Buenos Aires, commemorates the revolution. While you are in the plaza also visit the pink Casa Rosada,the old presidential palace where many public figures and politicians including Juan and Eva Perón reached out to the public with passionate speeches from the balconies to show their support for their fellow countrymen. It is also the same balcony Madonna filmed scenes from the movie Evita.
Now filled with glamorous neighborhoods and fancy boutiques of up-and-coming designers, Buenos Aires has become one of Latin America's hottest destinations. You can still find old-world gems by visiting the classic outdoor markets and cafés and taking tours of the colonial architecture that fills this now thriving city of culture and diversity. No matter what you interests, you are bound to discover why Buenos Aires has captured the hearts of so many who live in and have visited the amazing city.
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